For each project we integrate all the necessary action areas for its performance under the supervision of one sole PROJECT MANAGEMENT. We endow the project with and provide to the client a management structure characterised by independent criteria for each action, but integrated in a sole coordinated management in order to guarantee the fulfilment of all the objectives of the promoter. The teams associated with each action and their structures are outlined as follows: PROJECT MANAGEMENT * Project Manager * Administration Director * Project supervisor PROJECT * Project Director * Project Coordinator * Production Coordinator FACULTATIVE MANAGEMENT/ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION TEAM * Works Director * Building Works Execution Director * Construction Director * Public Works Director * Management of Health and Security CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT * Delegate * Group Supervisor * Site Managers INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF THE PROJECT AND CONSTRUCTION (PROJECT MANAGEMENT) * Project manager Departments: * Organisation, planning and management of resources * Integral Quality Control * Economic Control and project feasibility * Assistance in contracting work units * Management of licenses and permits * Management of works reception and delivery * After-sales management SCOPE OF OUR WORK RESOURCES ABROAD The structure, experience, management capacity and the associated and collaborating companies of sistemas generales enable us to perform complex architectural and engineering projects in coordination with state or private building including the Project, Construction and Administrative and Legal Management. 1. Integrated Project Management (Project management) This is the established procedure including the entire coordination commencing with the promoter’s initiative, design of the Project, Construction and Administrative and Legal Management. The PROJECT MANAGEMENT coordinates the proprietor’s initiative, its resources and profitability objectives, and establishes the technical viability of the project, determining form the the tart the volume of investment required and the conditions for its execution with the collaborating construction companies. The Project is the instrument for the contracting and the control of the processes for the works execution and the maintenance of the building. 2. Communication and marketing of the project During the performance and promotion of the project a study is made of the Communication and Marketing strategies required to achieve the maximum market response, thereby obtaining a rapid recuperation of the investment and maximum profitability. 3. Scope of our work/Action Areas 3.1. Integral Management of the Building * Housing Sector * Office Sector * Singular buildings. Public or private utilities * Hotel Sector * Industrial Sector * Shopping Centres * Sanitary Sector. Hospitals, assisted residences 3.2. Integral Rehabilitation of the Building and of Patrimonial property * Rehabilitation of Buildings for adaption to new uses * Refurbishment of patrimonial buildings for their recuperation * Catalogues of protected items * Elimination of architectural barriers 3.3. Integral Management of Public Works and Infrastructures * Roads, Motorways * Railways (Civil Works) * Hydraulic Infrastructures * Port Infrastructures 3.4. Integral Management and Development of planning and urbanisation * Planning o Territorial o General o Partial or developmental o Special o Urban design * Rehabilitation of City Urban quarters * Urbanisation Projects * Urban and interurban infrastructure projects * Studies of traffic and of accessibility improvements 3.5. Management capacity for Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) * Management of international cooperation projects * Management of educational projects for university exchange * Management of investigation projects in construction technology and engineering Sistemas generales is closely linked to the university because its Management is made up, inter alia, by teachers of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM –Madrid Polytechnic University); more precisely the Department of Construction and Architectural Technologies of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid(Madrid Technical University School of Architecture). In the sphere of International Cooperation between the counties situated in the Mediterranean area, and especially between their universities, a scenario exists for technological transfer and the training of professionals, unifying in the same project, the objectives of the university and of the company. For this reason, once the line of professional collaboration was established between sistemas generales and the promoters in Algeria, professional training activity has developed within the framework of International Cooperation Projects, such as that which recently existed between the Department of Construction and Architectural Technologies of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid of the UPM and the University of Algeria.

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